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Finding Freedom in Clay - New Ceramics by Masahiko Ichino
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Finding Freedom in Clay - New Ceramics by Masahiko Ichino
Sep. 1st (Thu) ~ Sep. 10 (Sat), Gallery closed Sun/Mon
Open from 11:00 am ~ 7:00 pm, final day closes at 6:00 pm.

Tamba's Post-Modern Revival

Tamba's Ichino Masahiko is a wildly imaginative artist. Yet sometimes imagination can run far too wild. In some ways, sheer creativity does not automatically equate to good work. Restraint and an eye for objectivity can be essential, esp. in the realm of ceramic art.

This year's Mihara exhibition, the 4th at Yufuku, shows the artist at a new point in his career. Gone are the quirky and twee motifs of yesteryear. Rather, simplicity and a new-found minimalism in form abound in this current collection. However, each work has that uniquely Ichino touch that distinguishes the artist from virtually every other ceramic artist working in Japan today, such as his voluptuous curves, unorthodox edges, and the slightest bends on his vertical work. Coupled with his new-found muse of Aka-dobe reddish-brown glaze, a traditional Tamba technique, Ichino's new works brim with a radiant yet elegant hue that goes well with his minimal forms.

We hope you enjoy the new works by Ichino Masahiko. At the same time, a declaration: I plan to restart my Toku Art blog (http://toku-art.seesaa.net/) from this week, with at least one update per week. Although I am busier than ever, I thought that even just a short blurt per week in regards to the contemporary art scene in Japan would be worthwhile. Please stay tuned.

Wahei Aoyama
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